Say Yes

Don’t tell yourself no before someone else tells you no.

This is a recent quote I heard while watch tv.

Planning and selling tickets for an event is an adventure. One of the things I’ve had to get better at was asking others.

Webster defines asking as to put a question or to inquire.

My friends would tell you, I’m usually not afraid to ask a question. If I’m out with my group of friends, I’ll be happy to ask someone a direct question and await their response.

However, I’ve learned when it comes to an event you are planning, you have to ask and invite others to come to the event.

It’s not okay for me to ask once and expect the place to be packed. I have to continue to ask others through different communication channels. Therefore, I think it’s important that I refreshed the initial quote shared at the beginning.

My reframe is:

Don’t tell yourself no before someone tells you yes.