Chicken Soup

Okay, I’m going to take y’all back a bit with this reference. Do y’all remember the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul? In case you never read them, in my opinion, they are a collection of short, soothing, and relatable comforting stories.

I’m sure you are wondering why I’m talking about chicken soup, just wait – I’m going somewhere with it! 😂

I’ve shared on my social media I’m hosting a Business Brunch. I really can’t explain the eudaemonic state I’m experiencing in anticipation of the event. While I truly believe God wastes nothing, it is special to feel like you are in a destiny moment. I would like to describe it as my chicken soup moment. You know when you have a good hearty bowl of chicken soup and it is the right temperature, a perfect blend of spices, a good balance of chicken to noodle and veggie ratio and you feel it fuels your soul! That’s what this moment feels like! I’ve invested in the Business Brunch for a few years and I’m overjoyed to share it with everyone.

So, excuse me for a few weeks if my blog post reference the planning of this event – I’m ecstatic!

Also, I’ll like to personally invite the ladies to come to the Business Brunch One Day Conference. Come expecting fellowship, excitement, laughs and some aha moments. Most importantly, I hope you are fueled to do what you are designed to do!

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