Time Moves On…

*Caution: This blog is about grief, feel free to click out it if necessary. 

I was conversing with a friend recently about grief. If you have ever lost someone close, the week leading up to the funeral there are so many people around while you are planning all the event arrangements.


What happens as time moves on? There are many random moments, days or months when it feels you are grieving all over again. As time moves on, there are many life updates you will never experience with them such as birthdays, weddings, the birth of children, and so much more.

What do you do as time moves on?

I’ve learned to take moments to cry if I need to and reflect on past experiences I shared with them. I’ll talk to a friend or my therapist.  I also remember that as time moves on, I have to exhale and continue to breathe.

My dad passed away on his birthday, April 12, 2010. I realize I’ll never stop missing him or grieving him. While, I don’t grieve him the same as I did before, I realize to grieve someone shows you loved them.

So in closing, my moment of wisdom is to remember those you loved, even as time moves on and continue to love.❤️

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