Comfort Zone

Comfort zones are lush, relaxing and remind me of a warm cozy blanket with the perfect amount of soft marshmallows in your hot chocolate on a cold winter night. It’s hot in Texas, so I’m dreaming of colder weather. 😂

But what about when you have to step out of your comfort zone? 😬 I stepped out of my comfort zone with the planning of The Business Brunch One Day Conference and I’m so glad I did. Even after a successful conference event, you would think I could rest – but I felt the nudge again to continue to move forward with a community event for women. So, here I am with the planning of another event, Finding You! This virtual workshop is free 99. I’m launching this because I know I’m called to help women who feel stuck or unsure about their next steps! Check out the information on my website and sign up for the workshop! I hope to see you there! I’m building something great and I’ll love for you to be a part of it! ❤️

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