The Business Brunch One Day Conference

Wow! Where do I begin? While, I know nothing in life is perfect, the event on Saturday was perfect for me. ❤️

The event was timely, the food was spectacular s/o to Mama Gwen, the participants engaged with the panelist and honestly, both panel discussions could have continued past our allowed time. The candles (Golden Blk Candle Lounge) smelled amazing, the swag bags (Forever Woods) were cute and the coffee (Yari Blends) was amazing! To God be the glory for only something he could do!

I’m so glad I interacted with all the tables in between sessions and activities – I didn’t feel rushed! I can’t wait to receive the photos from the photographer (TotheteePhotography) to share!

Of course with anything, there are always lessons learned and I’ll share those with you later. For now, I’ll like to thank the ladies of The Business Brunch, Carmen, Renisha, Erica, Kelechi, Brittany, Timeka, and Yaritza for believing in my vision and helping me implement it.

Thank you to the panelists, Kessy, Krista, Renisha, Erica, Brittany, Kelechi, and Carmen. Each one of you did such an amazing job and shared so many gems.

Thank you to the sponsors, AccuOps, Wrenhowsway, Ricki Wax, Forever Woods, Yari Blends, Google, and Erica Menefee. Thank you for believing and investing in the vision of the Brunch, to create a safe space for women to cultivate their gifts and talents to obtain wealth and leave a legacy for their future.

Thank you to all the ladies for coming! I truly appreciate you! Until the next brunch, Ciao! ✌🏽

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