Joy in the Middle

I’ve talked about joy before on my blog and even shared things that brought me joy. However, I think my initial perspective was limited and should be expanded. I’m currently reading, “Inciting Joy”. While I’m not done reading the book I’ve learned joy is much more complex and joy is found in the middle…

I know it is often said happiness is circumstantial but I would like to add my definition, Joy is reinvigorating.

I like to describe joy as the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s my beacon of hope.

Joy is a visit from a friend after battling depression.

Joy is the aroma of your favorite meal after dealing with grief or loss.

Joy is gaining the energy to try again one more time after you were told No umpteen times.

Joy is the sound of friends cheering you on when you have cried your eyes out in sadness.

Joy is remembering a funny memory about a loved one.

For me, joy is like breathing in fresh air after you’ve quarantined in the house. Joy is love after sorrow and a little hope for tomorrow.

I hope today you find joy in the middle of whatever you are encountering and if you have joy, share a little joy with someone else!

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