How Bad Do You Want It?

I shared this quote on my social media recently:

“Many people think they want more than they actually do and they settle for less than they can actually have.” – Earl Nightingale

I heard this quote from my mentor a few weeks ago and I chose to sit with it for over a week. It caused me to take notice and ask myself three questions:

  1. How bad do I really want the thing that I say I desire?
  2. If I really want the thing am I willing to do the thing it take to get it done?
  3. Do I only like the idea of wanting the thing?

For example:

  • If I want to lose weight, am I willing to keep a food log if needed?
  • If I want to save more money, am I willing to create and stick to my budget?
  • If I want to exercise, am I willing to wake up earlier or go later to go the gym?

How bad do you want it?

Please really take time to think about this question. For me some days I really want it and other days I’ll make exceptions. So, I guess I don’t really want it. Once I really want it – it will be easier for me to get clear on what I want and set goals no matter how hard to achieve them.

We have this quote that is often said in my mentoring program,

“Successful people do what none successful people don’t do.”

“The degree of which you are willing to suffer for a thing is an indication of how bad you really want it.” – Dr. Dharius Daniels

So, I’ll ask you again, How Bad Do You Want It?