Preparation is Key

I’ve listened to a ton of self-help books this year and while most have the same underline message – I’ve learned preparation is key. Whenever you want to reach a goal you have to prepare for it early.

Last week was Thanksgiving and most of us were off work for the holiday. I realize the key to a successful Thanksgiving meal is preparation the night and even weeks before.

I remember chatting with a friend last year and at the beginning of November, she prepared her shopping list and purchased her can goods seasonings, and baking goods early.

As you all know I’m not there yet. First off, I didn’t even realize we were so close to the holiday until someone in a meeting said we were off work the following week for the holiday. At that point, I thought we were still two weeks away and not one week. 😩 However, I did manage to complete my grocery shopping 4 days before, and if you know me – that’s considered progress.

Additionally, I’ve noticed most Holiday hosts also prepare the night before hosting. I remember when we were younger my mom would stay up the majority of the night cooking a Turkey and I’d awaken to the aroma of collard greens and dressing. I would try to be the first one up in case she needed someone to test-taste the food. 😂 While, for me I didn’t stay up late this year, I did bake my cornbread the night before, which is progress. However, my chicken was still frozen at 6 am. 😩#makeitmakesense

I admire all of the hosts – mamas, grandmas, aunties, uncles, friends and so many more! Keep doing what you are doing to prepare for the big day. Preparation is key!

While hosting requires preparation, how are you preparing to complete your goals from this year and set yourself up for success next year?