Wall Seat

First off I want to give a s/o to the people on my airplane row yesterday, they were the real MVPs and even assisted with naming this blog. 😂

So, as a frequent flyer I love window seats – unless I’m flying international then aisle seat me please! While traveling this weekend – I was given a middle seat on my departure flight and the person near the window kept the shade closed until we landed. 😩 Like why? How do I even know when we are in the sky or when we are landing? And why can’t I see the beautiful clouds? 😬 and then on my return flight home I had a window seat with no window. 🙃🪟

First off, what do you call it when there’s no window – near the window seat? The people on the row with me agreed we will call it a wall seat. Lol. It’s a speciality row. It was literally the only row like this on the plane. 😂

I truly believe nothing happens by accident. I also believe if you look for God you will find him in so many ways. He’s everywhere!

In my recent conversations with God one thing he’s said repeatedly to me is to trust him.

How does this relate to the plane? 

I’m glad you asked. It’s easy to trust God when you can see how something you want will take off and or land, but what about when you can’t see?

Even scripture reminds us:

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

For my flights this weekend I really had to:

1. Actually take off my earphones and listen to the flight attendant to know when we were landing and taking off and

2. trust the pilot to do his job without seeing where we were going.

In closing, since God should be the pilot of our life, can we trust him when we can’t see?

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