Fight or Flight It!

Fight or flight! Your body immediately picks a side when you are going through an experience that feels traumatic. Majority of the time depending on the situation my body picks flight. Last week, I had an experience and my body immediately felt like it was in danger. It’s crazy what your brain tells you to protect you from any real or perceived threat. I immediately grabbed my luggage and decided I would ask questions later. 😂

It all happened so quickly and all I could think was let me flee (flight) from this situation and put myself in a more controlled environment to feel comfortable.

Fast forward another 10 minutes or so I calmed down some and told myself I could practice a healthier response to calm my body and brain so that I could make a more logical decision. So, instead of fleeing (flight) from the situation I went for a walk and calmed down. A nice brisk walk was a great way to calm my environment, get some fresh air, and slow the internal noise in my head. I understand my body’s ability to respond to situations to alert me to fight or flight will vary depending on the level intensity to protect me. Which is – great, but sometimes it’s okay to calm down and respond differently.

Do you tend to fight or flight when you encounter situations?