Thrive 2023

Hey y’all! So I went to an amazing conference over the weekend! It’s really more like a family reunion. Lol. I finally put some names to some faces and met some of the coaches from the mentorship program. I always feel the best way I learn is to implement what I learned and to share it with others.

So here’s my top 7 nuggets in no particular order:

  1. God gives creative abundance. What I do with the creative abundance determines if I get financial abundance.
  2. Sometimes you need to be in a room to get permission to be you and do what God called you to do.
  3. Content is an exchange of goods and services and the compensation is the way to say thank you.
  4. You are not who you are after you are encouraged, you are who you are at your natural state.
  5. Money respects itself so much that it will not come to someone who will waste it.
  6. Certain rooms will change your appetite and you get hungry for things that you didn’t even know you needed.
  7. Greatness is mandatory.

Because I’m me, here’s a bonus nugget:

Those who are uniquely successful treat what others deem optional as mandatory!

I have so many pages of notes that I wouldn’t even try to share in one blog! The best conferences are those that make me examine what I am doing and lead me right back to Jesus.

What’s your favorite conference to attend?

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