Internal Investment

Culture conditions you to invest in what you put on you when you should invest in what you put inside of you.

Now I love a cute outfit, a nice purse, a new pair of shoes and some really nice perfume. Side note: If anyone can find this Delina Exclusif perfume in a small bottle let me know because the current price is... 😩🫥 Okay, I digress!

As much as I like new clothes and nice things I realize I can only spend money on external things within reason, which is why I don’t mind thrifting. As nice as the clothes are that I put on my body, I realize it is even more important to pay attention to what I invest inside of me as well.

I am in therapy and have been for over 4 to 5 years. I am also in a mentorship program and I listen to helpful books and or podcasts which are related to what I am currently experiencing. Additionally, I feed my mind mentally from the Bible and expand my thinking by engaging in conversations with others. I’ve realized, what I take in is even more important than what I have on my body. How are you feeding yourself internally?

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  • Brittany

    This message was right on time for me. This applies to so many areas. What we put inside will definitely last longer than what we put on the outside! Thanks for sharing your gift!