The Little Mermaid

After hearing a sermon titled, “Under the C”, I felt compelled to watch The Little Mermaid. While watching the movie, I realized there appeared to be similarities in themes to The Lion King. Now, in full disclosure, the observations I’m noting are about The Little Mermaid in which Ariel is Halle Bailey since that’s the only Little Mermaid I’ve watched.

While some may disagree with my observations, here are the 8 similarities I noted between both movies:

8 Similarities B/t The Lion King and the Little Mermaid 🧜🏾‍♀️

1. Both Ariel and Simba come from royal families and their father’s were king
2. Both were leered away by an aunt or uncle who didn’t have their best interest at heart. Simba by Scar. Ariel by the Ursula.
3. Their dads assigned someone to watch after them. Simba – Zazu; Ariel – Sebastian
4. Both desired to be somewhere their parents told them not to go. Simba – pride land; Ariel – sea wreckage and on land
5. They were both taken in by someone or something when they were away from their family. Simba – Timeon and Pumba; Aries – a royal family
6. The songs have similar melodies; The Lion King, I Just Can’t-Wait to Be King, and The Little Mermaid Under the Sea.
7. They both go on an adventure with their love interest. Simba and Nala go on their adventure in the forest. Ariel and go on their adventure with the carriage and ends up in a boat in a rainforest.
8. They both have to fight and kill their antagonist aunt or uncle to save the throne.

To summarize the similarities, there are two royal characters, who are wooed away from their family by an antagonist family member. While away, they find a love interest, have to return home due to conflict, and have to fight the antagonist’s uncle/aunt. After they win the fight it ends with them with their new love interest.

Feel free to comment below if you agree are indifferent or disagree! I look forward to your comments!

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