Selective Amnesia

Have you ever experienced selective amnesia?

I have…but before I move forward let me give you my definition of selective amnesia.

Selective Amnesia is when you forget something took place, but this usually only occurs when it is to your benefit.

Has this happened to you?

Recently someone was sharing a story with me about how they messed something up. While I didn’t verbalize my concerns to them I had so many ideas in my head of what they could have done better to prevent this – sort of like I know best and if I was them I wouldn’t have made this mistake.

I had several preventive solutions for this person when I forgot I had the same thing that almost happened to me last week.  🙃


Once I remembered my situation, I realized how quickly I forgot my situation. I’m human too and I’m very capable of making lots of mistakes. 😩

As the saying goes, you point a finger at someone else and have many more pointed back at you.

At that moment, I immediately changed my response to them. I showed them compassion and grace. It shouldn’t have taken me remembering my situation to have compassion for someone else; therefore I’ll do better at implementing this going forward.