The Best 10 Beach Travel Necessities

Is Summer Vacation Coming?

The kids are out of school! 🙌🏽

Are you traveling to a 🏖️ ?

Then you clicked on the right post! Listen, I’m coming off of time off from work and I could honestly schedule more time! 😂 Honestly just take me to a place with palm trees, beautiful sea water and a nice cool drink. I’ll be good to go!!! 

But what are those essential things needed for vacation? We may have some of the things at home and need this reminder blog post to pack them. I’ll share my list below! 

[ez-toc] The Best Top 10 Essential Items for Beach Travel![ez-toc]

  1. Oversized button down. I wear my button down as a cover up for my swim suit.
  2. Sunscreen – I prefer black girl magic kid – SPF 50
  3. Bug Spray because mosquitos are disrespectful. 
  4. Shades! Cheap shades work for me because I constantly lose them. 😩
  5. Battery Pack! There’s nothing worse than a dead phone.
  6. A good book! I love getting lost in a good book while relaxing.
  7. Cash money! Cash is King for traveling especially for bartering.
  8. Reusable water bottle. I have a small yeti which is my favorite!
  9. Waterproof phone case
  10. Tote Bag

While I usually pack other items these are my go to essential items!

Because I couldn’t stop at 10, here’s one bonus item – swim shoes! I usually forget them 😩, but when I don’t they are my favorite!

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