Making Friends on Vacation

This blog is from a topic request. 

Often it is said it is hard to make friends when you are an adult. While I agree there is some truth in this…I find it is much easier to meet people when you are social!

There aren’t too many places I visit and don’t meet a friend, or two or three! I find this to be true especially when I travel.

You never know who you can meet by having a conversation.

In the words of my Pastor, every conversation begins with an awkward hello and the rest is history! By chatting with others you can discover common ground, learn similarities and or differences.

Here are 5 of my conversation starters for making friends while traveling:

  1. Introducing yourself and ask them how their trip is going
  2. Asking where they are from
  3. Discuss the current location (climate and or scenery) of where you guys are located
  4. A compliment goes a long way
  5. Discuss local cuisine or drinks

I think the most important thing is to not overthink it and to allow the conversation to flow! If it does, great – if not, it’s okay!

This blog is dedicated to my new friends I met in the 🇧🇸 Bahamas! Swipe for some of our pics! ❤️