Stuck in the Middle

On February 15th, I was riding the elevator in my apartments about to stop by my car before I headed to work on the train for the first time ever, or at least so I thought. I got on the elevator around 640am and didn’t get out until 830am. I was on the 4th floor, it stopped on the 2nd floor and after that it went down a few inches and stopped. #scaryright

My biggest fear was the elevator dropping like it does in movies, but thankfully that never happened. At that moment so many things were going through my mind such as I don’t have a cellphone to call for help and when will I get out of here. lol #normalquestions

Thankfully, my boyfriend was with me and he kept me calm. One of my neighbors called for help using the call button and we initially thought they would send the fire dept #wrong Lol.

I was educated that morning and learned that it is up to the building to see who the elevator company decides to send, they can either send the fire dept which is 2 mins away from my building or an elevator serving company. My apt complex has a contract with a 3rd party company, which took an hr in a half to show up due to rush hour traffic. There were 4 people on the elevator and each of us had our own agendas for that morning, but life had a different plan for us. In that moment I realized, I could complain, but it wouldn’t get me out any sooner, so in that moment I started to prepare this blog.

Elevators are created for convenience, but when things don’t function properly a convenience can quickly become an inconvenience. The lesson that I learned is don’t be in such a hurry that you forget small things. So, I’m still not sure why I was in the elevator, but I like to think I was there to spare my life from a possible accident, road rage or anything else.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 KJV