Can 2018 start over?

Happy New Year!

Happy February!

So my January was so crazy, that I decided that I was going to start the new year all the way over this month. Lol. I will say I learned a few lesson in the month of January that I will share. I will first have to tell you all about my move. I will try to summarize.

Utilize your network of family and friends to assist you when needed.

  • I was traveling my move in date and I had to depend on someone else to pickup my keys. I was so stressed worried about, what if they forgot, the office closed early, etc…but the bottom line was there was nothing I could do being over 1,000 miles away, except trust them. Sounds easy, but it is #easiersaidthandone, but they took care of it.

I learned that you can’t control everything.

I scheduled my movers for Saturday morning. As soon as I was headed home from the airport the night before, I received a call from the movers that they would be late. Yall the movers were initially scheduled b/t 9am-10am and they showed up at 3pm. #sigh

And they took 7 hours to move a 1 bedroom apartment. I wanted to complain the entire move, but it was nothing I could do to control or speed up the move. Yelling at them wouldn’t help or make the move go any faster, so I chilled until it was over. The only thing I could control was my attitude and I tried to ensure I showed them grace.

I know this may sound minor, but this was just some of my January. It wasn’t an ordinary month for me, nothing seemed familiar, but I was able to make adjustments to get through some of my harder days last month. I am still excited about 2018 and have my own personal goals that I am working towards. What goals did you set for the new year? How are you doing working towards them?

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