Other’s Perception of Me

My friend Brittany mentioned this quote recently and I knew I wanted to share and talk about it on my blog.

“I don’t participate in other’s perception of me.”

This quote while simple was profound for me. I’ve learned everyone has opinions and perceptions of others – right, wrong, and or indifferent. And if we aren’t careful, we will find ourselves interacting to accommodate others t for a favorable perception.

Storytime: I was in a meeting recently and I had a question about the content discussed. I asked a clarifying question earlier in the discussion and was hesitant to ask another question. At that moment, I asked myself a question, Was I willing to sacrifice learning valuable information at the cost of someone’s perception of me? Heck no!

So y’all know, I asked the question anyway because I don’t participate in other’s perceptions of me.

While I do my best to consider others if deemed necessary, I recognize, I’m human and something I do may impact how they perceive me. For example, my tone may be too high or too low, and someone may perceive that my attitude is off or I’m doing too little or too much on my blog. Guess what? That’s okay, it’s their perception of me. I can love others and not participate in their perceptions of me at the same time! ✌🏽

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