My Top 5 Travel Items

I recently had the pleasure to visit both London and Dubai. While I travel often, Dubai was my farthest trip a total of 15ish hours in the sky. I’m truly grateful for the ability to travel and want to share 5 of my go-to items when I’m traveling – whether abroad or local.

My top 5 travel items

  1. Phone tripod – I can use this as a selfie stick or as a tripod to set a timer and take my photos.
  2. Face towels – This idea came from my friends, but I love having a piece of home with me.
  3. Battery Pack – There’s nothing worse than a dead phone and sometimes you need a little extra juice.
  4. Cold medicine – Planes are cold and you are around so many people in a short amount of time. I rather have this in case it is needed.
  5. Empty bags – I bring an empty beach bag or gym bag depending on the length of a trip just in case I purchase souvenirs or to use as a bag for an excursion.
  6. Because, I love a good bonus here’s an additional item- a reusable water bottle!

While I’ll take several other items with me, I want to highlight a couple of things in case it is things you can add to a future trip.

What’s your favorite travel item?

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