Mental Health Month

Since 1949, the month of May has been observed as Mental Health Month.
1949 – that’s umpteen years before I was born. #geeesh

However, 2018, was the first year I ever heard of Mental Health Month. We are often taught about Black History Month in February, National Hispanic Heritage Month which starts in September, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May and Women’s History Month in March- just to name a few observed months.

Our mental health is as important. I truly believe the phrase, your health is your wealth. Your health encompasses your mental, physical and spiritual well- being. No one wants to be physically fit and mentally and spiritually fatigued.

There is often a negative stigma that came with the idea of counseling. If something traumatic happened, people would say, Go to church”, or “Pray” instead if providing assistance resources.

As stated in a previous blog, prayer is always a solution. However, group therapy, one on one counseling and mental breaks are needed sometimes and are encouraged.

I am glad within my network of friends that stigma is starting to change. I frequently hear others say, I’m going to counseling or I have a trusted friend I can talk with regarding working through life.

Transparent Moment:

I went to group therapy this year for the first time and I was nervous and scared. Thankfully, in that moment I prayed and worked through it. I can honestly say I enjoyed it and would go again. I met some amazing people, shared my story, encouraged others and received encouragement.

So if you need someone to chat with, don’t be afraid to reach out to a licensed therapist or counselor. Also, utilize your resources available. Several employers offer free counseling, yes I did say #free99 sessions with your wellness benefits as well.

Scripture of the Day:

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.
Isaiah 26:3