Vacay Often

Hey yall! I love a good trip.
I am always planning my next trip in my head. People who know me frequently ask me, “Where are you going next?”
My response- “ummm everywhere!”

I literally want to go everywhere in the world! No place is off limits, not even Antarctica! I just need my bank account to match up with everywhere I want to go.

Anywho, I digress.

My Truth

Through various trips with friends and bridal parties I’ve learned ? you can’t travel with everyone! #pointblankperiod Where is the lie???? I will wait.

Friendships get shaky.
Feelings get hurt. People be late. Shade gets thrown. People cancel. People don’t have funds. Like boo, where is your cash???? Woosah

Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling with others, but like any good thing, it takes work and planning. Since, there are occassions you want to travel with others or you have to due to your profession, my friend prepared a list of lessons learned from a recent trip. So I decided to share.

Enjoy and take notes!

Lessons Learned

1. Have someone who you absolutely love on the trip, that will keep you calm. This isn’t always possible, if not have someone available that you can text if needed to calm you down in the moment.
2. All personalities don’t mix.
For example: If person A doesn’t like person B, it may not be a good idea to put them in a vehicle together for a few hours. Just take 2 separate trips with both. #problemsolved
3. Show the list of everyone invited and allow people to choose if they would like to attend based on the invitees list.
4. If it is a large trip, have a meet and greet before the trip.
5. Create an itinerary.
6. Make sure everyone is on time. Sometimes this means, pushing the time up 30 mins or an hour before your expected time to give people grace in case of an emergency.
7. Have a trigger word. If stuff doesn’t go as planned, have a word that the group agreed on so you all can come together and adjust plans as necessary.
8. Create a group thread through Facebook, groupme or WhatsApp.
9. Go with the flow. All the time things don’t go as planned, so be flexible.
10. Follow your first mind. If you are feeling unsure about plans or an event, go with your gut, you are usually never wrong.
11. Always stay positive, even if you disagree with someone be the bigger person and don’t let it affect you. After all you paid good money for the same trip they’re on. Don’t allow others to control your emotions!
12. If you are sharing lodging with others, set shared cleaning responsibilities and a time for cleaning. It’s no fun for one person to be responsible for cleaning up after others. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Motto for Trips:

If you always find the silver lining then you’ll always find a way to have a good time.

Question of the Day:

What tips do you have for group trips?

Scripture of the Day:

Psalms 121:7-8