Things I Learned About Going Through Trials or Issues

I received this topic request from a friend.

I learned that just like others, I would prefer to go through things privately, whether that is binge-watching television or just sitting home alone.

Storytime: The most recent thing I had to go through was my break up, which all happened the same month I was releasing my book. #exhausting

I wanted to shrink, not eat and stay home, but I couldn’t. During that time God gave me strength that I didn’t know I had, so I could channel it into my book. I had already did a photoshoot, sent invites for a book release, so this book was happening. I just needed to get myself together. Lol. My faith grew stronger in God. Every morning I was up at 6 am praying to God because he was the only person I wanted to talk to during this time. If anyone asked me, I would just say, I’m good because I didn’t want to discuss it. I gave all my energy to my book and making it daily. I knew if I could push through to my book release party, I would be okay. I had one friend Melanie that disregarded everything I said and called and texted me every day for a month just to check on me. I thought I was a great friend, but her act of kindness called me higher as a friend. I also can’t forget my counselor, I randomly started counseling a couple of weeks before my break-up for something completely different, not knowing I would need it for this. My counselor is my advocate, one of my cheerleaders and my friend in my head. ? She helped me change my focus from OMG this just happened to- this relationship served its purpose and what are you going to do now – boss up and finish your book. lol

So what I learned is – when I go through things I want to break down just like anyone else, but as my friend Erica says – but God. I depended on God, I journaled, I allowed myself to feel all the feelings and hurt that I didn’t want to feel and I channeled my energy into something else to keep me occupied. I traveled – a beach and a glass of wine help a lot. ? I also leaned on my friends, they kept me encouraged and motivated to finish my book and ensured I got out of the house when needed.

Question of the Day – How do you handle things when you go through trials or problems?

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”

Psalms 34:18 NLT