The Mirror

Y’all, I’ve read or listened to a lot of books – more than 100 books last year alone. But, none of them compare to the Bible. It’s the only book that’s living!  The more I read it, the more it reads me! Also, the more I talk to God, the more he shows me -me!

I’m sure I said this before, but I talk to God about everything! First off, it’s not like I’m telling him a secret because he knows everything anyway. But, sometimes I want to tell him my side of the story, my perspective, and my feelings. Guess what, he’s a great listener and communicator.

But usually, somewhere in the conversation, there’s a shift. It feels as if the conversation has flipped and we are now talking about me.🙃 #howsway

Like seriously, it’s like a mirror reflecting on me! I go to tell God about someone else because, to be honest, I love people but sometimes people be people -ing (I know that’s not a word). 🤣 And before you know it he’s reminding me he’s a God of grace and mercy.😩 I’m like that’s not what this conversation was about. 😂 Like, how did we get here? 😩 But somehow, we end up there with the mirror on me and discussing my journey and the work I have to continue to do.  And because there’s a mirror showing me, I remember I’m a hot mess in need of God every day just like everyone else!