#TBT Throwback Travel

This week, I’m changing to Throwback Thursday to Throwback Travel.
Five years ago on April 15, 2016, I took my first trip to another country.
If it wasn’t for, I would not have made it on this trip, because I was ready to go back on the plane after the first 30 minutes of arrival. She was an amazing friend, kept me from booking a flight out and she assured me things would be okay.
Interesting fact: I wrote my first blog after this trip. I’ll have to share it with you all soon. My blog title was: Curbside Chronicles.

My trip to the Dominican Republic was a trip to remember for sure. I call it my worst/best trip.  I’m grateful it was such an interesting trip filled with both highs and lows because it expanded my love for travel and prepared me for some of the worst scenarios that I may experience with traveling. I can’t fit all this entire trip experience into one blog, but I’ll give you a few of the highlights from DR.

Trip Memorable Highlights

1. I forgot to tell my bank I was traveling out of the country and they froze my bank account.
2. I was trying to unlock my bank account and incurred over $150.00 in roaming fees.
3. We road motorcycles aka moto-taxes with a total of 4 people on them.
4. We hung out with some locals and ended up in a questionable area.
5. We came back to the hotel and learned the doors were locked, so we set on the curve and waited we found a side entrance.
6. I had the best homemade chips and fresh smoothies in my life.
7. We traveled to another city by bus in another country and honestly had no idea where we were going.

Whew…that was a fun trip adventure.

What’s your interesting travel story?