Have you flown during COVID?

I want to share my experience of flying domestically in the states during COVID. My last flight experience prior to August of 2020 was December 2019. I’ll share some noticeable changes for American Airlines and just with my trip overall.

1. There was no food served such as drinks. Instead, when you entered the plan they gave you a brown paper bag with a bottle of water, sanitizer wipes, and a small bag of pretzels.

2. The flight attendants walked the flight throughout the trip to ensure people were wearing their masks.

3. I changed my return date for my flight and did not have to pay and change fees.

4. There was a phone or tablet holder that is placed on the back of the headrest of the seat so you can watch shows by looking up versus looking down and your mask sliding. *If this was there prior to the pandemic I didn’t notice it.

5. Most people social-distanced at the airport while we waited for boarding. I had an entire area to myself.

6. Texas has high COVID numbers, so please do your research on a state before you travel there. Some states require a 14-day quarantine upon arrival from a high risk-state.

7. I didn’t have to do a temperature check at DFW or BWI. However, a temperature check was required in some areas during the March and some of the restaurants in DC.

Quick summary: Overall, my experience was positive. My flight going and leaving my destination were at capacity, so I didn’t get a row to myself. I’m sure I’ll fly again this year in the pandemic. I feel fine on the plane.

***Disclaimer: This is my personal experience and other experiences may be different. Also, this is not an ad, but @AA I welcome sponsorships. ***

I hope this was helpful!