Learning Patience

Storytime: In the last couple of weeks the damages to my work laptop progressed expeditiously to the point of my company sending me a new laptop. Yay! ?

My thinking: New laptop everything is going to be great!

Wrong! ? It took at least 3 days to get to a point where I could work again and have access to the majority of my systems.

But in the process of waiting for them to update my device, back up documents, transfer files, remote into my device, etc… we ran into several hiccups that required me to be patient.

In the days of frustration, I was tempted to go back to my old laptop because it felt familiar. I at least knew the limitations that my old laptop caused to my workflow.

I reminded myself, a new laptop is exactly what I wanted and needed to do my job effectively. So, I remained patient. I also remembered the days I requested what I now had. I knew the set up for my new laptop was worth the wait and my patience.

This situation reminded me of so many other circumstances. We pray for things, God gives them to us, and then when the thing we prayed for requires a little work we get frustrated. But in those moments, don’t forget what you prayed for even if your blessing requires a little work on your part!

Scripture of the Day: A hot-tempered person stirs up conflict, but the one who is patient calms a quarrel. Proverbs 15:18 NIV