Leap Year Baby

I have the pleasure of having an older sister born on leap year. Older sisters and parents are often your first examples when you grow up and to me, my older sisters were the coolest.

My sister Tiana had the coolest room growing up and made the best homemade pickles and she always had iced oatmeal cookies. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it. 

One of my fondest memories of her is – sitting getting my hair “done” in the ’90s in the trendiest fashion such as fan ponytails, or my ultimate favorite – the microwave ponytail. #asouthernclassic Listen, you couldn’t tell me NOTHING the next day at school when I had a new hairstyle.

My sister Tiana is a rider! I never had to fight in school because I would just tell people I’ll get my sisters on you. (Side note: we don’t fight anymore) 

Tiana has the biggest heart. She will literally give someone the clothes off of her back. I never needed for much in college because she would drive down to Arlington, buy me groceries or send me money. She came to all of my dance recitals, encouraged me and supported me in everything and for that, I say thank you. There wasn’t a Christmas or a birthday that she missed. I have no idea the sacrifices she made personally to make this happen, but again I say thank you for being you. Thanks for being a great wife and an amazing mom to two of my nephews and two of my nieces. So on this leap year, your younger sister wishes you a happy birthday with lots of love! Love you, sis!