Lean in to That

Often times, we are judged by others because we don’t meet their “idea” of what someone should look like. 
Guess what? – Who cares?!!!
I’ve come to realize that “some” people are going to be upset regardless of what you do, so… Continue to do you, boo.
When “they” have their comments, feel free to ask them are you a lil mad or big mad, bruh?!!! Just kidding. lol

Remember, God has given us all unique ideas, talents and abilities to  create things in a way that no one else can except for you.

So…. #leanintothat

Each one of us has an opportunity to reach someone that is not like us when we #leanintothat idea that’s not popular or conventional.
If everyone did what was popular, life would be boring! The world needs people who are willing to step out of their comfort box and be who God has called them to be.

Once we #leanintothat, we can establish exclusive ideas, products, songs, companies, podcasts, videos,  fashion lines, etc…to help others. 

You never know what impact you can have on someone’s life, so #leanin and embrace who you are!

Question of the Day: What are your talents? How are you using them to serve others?

Scripture: But the greatest among you will be your servant. AMP Matthew 23:11