Keep Dreaming

I feel like I was often told, work hard, get a job that pays well, save money and then retire. In all honesty, that plan sounded good until recently- it feels like I’m playing it safe. But, what about the feeling you have when you know God has called you to do something great for his kingdom that is bigger than a 9-5 job?

What do you do then?

For me, I’ve been praying, talking to God, writing the vision, and pursuing my purpose and destiny. The thing I’m learning about your destiny is it will keep reappearing and pursuing you even if you try to ignore it. I mentioned in my blog on Friday that the self-publishing event I created was a faith step.

So, I encourage you that a dream deferred is not a dream that is dead.

Don’t give up on your dream and what God has told you even if it feels like there are stumbling blocks and or walls blocking you from moving forward. Remember, all God needs is a mustard seed of our faith and for us to trust him even when the pieces of our life seem scattered and unorganized.

He’s the same God that causes the wall of Jericho to crumble down (scripture reference Joshua 6:1-27), so he can remove our stumbling blocks or create a door or an opening for you and me!

Remember the scripture says, “Is there anything too hard for God?” – and we already know the answer to this! – Jeremiah 33:27