Learning to Just Be…

Honesty moment: I struggled writing this week. I knew what I wanted to talk about – but I was unsure of how I wanted to structure it since I thought the topic was basic. I was reminded that a message should be simple enough that even a child understands. So here it is.

Before Rona restrictions took place, my calendar was full of events, trips, and dinners. There were weeks in which I had no free weekends for the entire month, particularly the month of March. #exhausting

My mind was often going full-speed and I could be at one place thinking about what  time I would have to leave there to get to the next event on time.

One of the things that Rona has taught me is to be present today and appreciate the gift of life even more.

Storytime: I was driving this week to pick up food and I was so excited to be outside of the house. While riding, I thought about the many times I’ve complained about not wanting to go places because it was too far or because I knew I was going to sit in traffic. This was the first time in a long time were I was able to drive and just enjoy being. Although I’m not fond of the situation surrounding us, I will enjoy just being and go through this season with thankfulness.

While being may look different for us, I’ll share with you some of the things I’ve done to just be and will do going forward.

My Shares of Just Being

1. Spending time reading and dissecting God’s word – right now I’m reading the entire bible and taking a deep dive into the 4 gospels

2. Leaving room open on my calendar – if my calendar is busy, I’m leaving no room for God to intervene.

3. Sitting Outside on the Patio – I’m able to relax and calm myself by being in a peaceful environment after a long stressful day.

4. Making a playlist – Often time I have to go to events that are far, instead of complaining I’ll make a bomb playlist and enjoy the scenery.

What are some practical things that you are implementing or will implement after Rona ends?

“I’ll refresh tired bodies; I’ll restore tired souls.”Jeremiah 31:25 MSG