7 Parallelism Between Issac and Jesus

I absolutely love literary devices, especially parallelisms. I was reading about Abraham and Issac for the podcast last week (podcast link below) *Small plug and saw the three-day journey. I have read this story plenty of times before and have never seen this before, so it made me want to dig a little more. I’m sharing with you guys below, some of the things which I learned.

1. Both of their journeys took three days. Genesis 22:4 Matthew 27:63

2. They had to carry something on their journey towards a sacrifice. Issac had to carry wood (Genesis 22:6) while Jesus carried his own cross made of wood. (John 19:17)

3. Both men asked their fathers questions. Issac asked where is the sacrifice, (Genesis 22:7) while Jesus asked God to let this cup pass from him. (Matthew 26:39)

4. Both are descendants of Abraham. Issac is Abraham’s son, Genesis 21:3 while Jesus is a descendant of Abraham’s lineage. Matthew 1:17

5. There were two men with them on the journey. Issac had two servants with him, (Genesis 22:3) while Jesus had two other sinners with him. (Mark 15:27)

6. They both submitted to the will of their father. Genesis 22:8 Mark 14:36

7. Both sons survived the sacrifice. The ram was sacrificed for Issac (Genesis 22:12-13) and as for Jesus, he was resurrected after being a sacrificial sacrifice. Matthew 28:6

Genesis 22 Abraham sacrifice Issac

Found in the 4 Gospels: Jesus sacrifice on the cross

There are other parallelisms in the story, but I’ll only share 7. If you read the story and find more parallelisms, please share them and comment below.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/bz8dEaSBSgU

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