Holding Patterns

I am writing this blog while I am on a plane in a holding pattern. While I don’t know all the instances a holding pattern is used, I’ll share with you my experience on a plane in this holding pattern.

We were descending into DFW airport and the captain came on the intercom and advised of bad weather. All flights in the air were halted from flying into the airport and for 10 mins we were circling in the area in a holding pattern in the air until we were cleared to land.

After I landed, I began to do a little research on a holding pattern. Based on my knowledge a holding pattern is a period of no progress or change and for a plane it is when you are awaiting permission to land.

I realized sometimes we may have holding patterns in our own lives. There may be areas where there’s no progress or we are stagnant in our growth. I think holding patterns usually start in our minds and thoughts and eventually lead to our hearts and become part of our actions.

Mind -> Heart -> Action

They can derive from a variety of things such as fear, unbelief, or a lack of direction or clarity. The best and hardest thing to do if you want to release yourself of the holding pattern is to become the person and do the thing that brings you growth.

Question of the day: What is stopping you from releasing yourself from a holding pattern?

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