Hello 🥊Boxing

I received a few questions about my experience with boxing, so I thought I’ll share my review in the form of a blog. If you are new to my blog, fun fact: my blog began with my fitness journey, so I’m always excited to share fitness stuff!

Also, fitness is even a part of my blog motto:

Pray. Eat. Workout. Have Fun. Repeat.

While my methods for working out may change, I’m forever committed to the mission of my fitness journey!

Alright, let’s jump in! 9-round fitness. Is circuit fitness training. It’s 9 rounds of circuits at 3 mins each with a 30-second break in between. There’s a coach present who will guide, motivate and encourage you during your 30 minute workout. Each round is a different circuit and the exercises change every day. The first round is always cardio and the last round is core training. The other rounds consist of kicks, punches, weights and so much more. You should come to a class – the first one is free!

I truly enjoyed my experience. My first class was the hardest! 😩 But it was still fun. The coach gave me an overview of every round, to ensure I understood the exercises. I think it helped that I was familiar with some of the basic moves from turbo kickboxing such as jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, roundhouse kicks, etc… but even if you aren’t familiar with the exercises they are easy to learn. I liked that the facility is smaller than a normal gym because it felt more personable.

I’m looking forward to focusing on my form, stance, and ensuring I am throwing a punch or kick correctly. I also want to master the speed bag! As I practice more, I want to gain muscle, becoming more proficient in the exercises and continue having fun. I truly believe once you find something you enjoy, it’s easier to workout because it doesn’t feel like a chore.  While I don’t enjoy every circuit, I love that after 3 mins I get to move on and do a different exercise. So, cheers to me on my boxing fitness journey!

P.S. If you missed it my gloves were named Energizer Honey! Thanks to everyone who voted!