Floppy Feedback Part 2

In case I haven’t shared sometimes I like therapy and others – well therapy is hard. You are continuously looking inward and if I’m honest I’ll like to believe the issue is not me. 😂#whewchile

Story time: So, a few weeks ago I shared a post about feedback, (read this first: https://www.wrenhowsway.com/floppy-feedback/) . After meeting and discussing this story with my therapist she gave me a completely different outlook on my initial post and I knew I had to share a follow-up blog.
After sharing the story with my therapist, she first reminded me I volunteered to help with a project. Secondly, she advised once you agree to do something you sign up for every part of it – the good, the bad, and even the unsolicited feedback conversations which may result from it. Y’all! #therapyishard 😂 Definitely, not something I wanted to hear, but I understood her point.

Moral of the story: I’ll be very selective when I volunteer. 😂 That’s it!