Failures or Lessons

I was in Atlanta this weekend eating dinner and I overheard this young lady informing the waiter she had all the information in her phone to host an event. Y’all I was probably being nosey, but she was also talking loudly – so I listened too. I’m working on my listening skills. 😩😂😂

Anyway, this young lady had pages and pages of notes down to potential hired employee schedules. I’m thinking Geesh – she has more information than some people who have launched successfully. But like many what is stopping her and others from moving forward?

This lady had the money, the business plan and everything else but she lacked the confidence to move forward because of fear. She shared with the guy she was afraid to fail.

Can I be honest, there are several things I haven’t done in the past or feared doing because of failing. It’s a common fear. So, I completely understood.

But I’m in this season of my life where I’m more afraid of what happens if I don’t pursue something and don’t fail.

Each potential failure – is a “lesson” we learned of what not to do next time. Those same “lessons” can be used to “teach “others from the mistakes you learned. We are currently living in the Information Age. People will pay for information that they don’t know.

I’ll share an example I used of lessons I learned and how I turned into something used. I turned my mistakes I made with my first book, “Things I Learned Before I Turned 31” into my second book – “My Self-Publishing Secrets.”

I turned my mistakes into lessons.
My lessons into a book to teach.
My book into passive income.

I want to be clear of what I’m saying and what I’m not saying. I’m not saying start something without a plan, but also don’t not start something because it isn’t perfect.

No one is perfect, but God.

Think about all the people who are waiting for you to execute your ideas, gifts and talents into the earth.

From publishing my first book, I can now see fruit. I’m not boasting in myself at all. I’m boasting in God. I’m grateful God gave me the ability to create books to give him glory. Since I moved past the fear, I’ve self-published 5 items and helped others self – publish their books too!

In closing, my prayer is that we all get busy in this season executing what God has given us to give him glory and to bless others.