Embracing Your Season of Life

I recently had a conversation with someone and I assumed they were calling to check on me, but they quickly proved my assumptions to be incorrect. I’ll paraphrase the conversation for you.They basically assumed if you are unmarried, then you are lonely. #wrong I quickly let him know that is not true in every situation.  Loneliness is a feeling that can be felt by anyone despite their marital status. Heck, you can be married and lonely.

If you are married: That’s awesome. ?If you are engaged: I can’t wait to see your wedding pics. ?If you are dating: Y’all are cute. ❤If you are single: Bruh, book the trip! ✈

Well, let’s just say that conversation didn’t go as planned; however, I let them know I can’t answer for anyone else but I’m content with where I am in life. God has me exactly where I’m supposed to be in this season of my life. If he gives me something before I am ready, it could destroy me, but that’s a completely different blog. When God is ready for me to have a boo, I’ll let yall know after I tell my sisters. (Gotta tell them first) Lol. Until then, I’ll keep fulfilling my purpose and passions that God has given me.

Everyone goes through life at their own pace. I can only speak for myself in my current season and singleness is not loneliness and it should not bring you any fear or embarrassment. “Singleness is actually very sacred and God wants you to honor this time by giving it completely to Him. God cares about your love life. He gave us the greatest love story ever, by giving us, Jesus. Make a declaration that you will not allow the voices within you or the voices around you to lead you astray from God’s plan for your life. ” – David and Ella

How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them! Psalms 139:17 KJV https://bible.com/bible/1/psa.139.17.KJV


  1. Jazz says:

    I can relate to this a 100%. I’m single and happy. Not lonely and not desperate. Allowing God to write my love story. Amen!

    1. wrenhowsway says:

      Yes, no loneliness and desperateness. Thank you so much for reading it!

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