Easter Weekend

Okay, I know Easter was yesterday, but let’s chat about my childhood Easter weekend memories.

In my family, Easter preparation began weeks in advance.

  1. Weeks before Easter, we received speeches at church to memorize. My mom always opted for us to get longer speeches. 😩🤣
  2. In addition to learning the speeches, there was a rehearsal for the Easter play and lots of the traditional Easter songs, such as, “He rose, yes he rose… “I know it was the blood” and so many others!
  3. The Saturday before Easter, we had more rehearsals and the Easter egg hunt. I was always searching for golden eggs with money.  😂 Additionally, I would stack up on Easter goodies because my beloved Auntie always made us bomb Easter baskets! Honestly, she can run those back. 👀
  4. There were 7 girls in the house. Our hair was pressed with a steaming hot comb 🪮 or permed the night before. My mom said it was the hair grease, but I’m sure she burnt my ear and head a few times with the hot comb.😩
  5. Easter Day began early – depending on if our church had a sunrise service. Easter attire included a new dress, Payless finest shoes, ruffled Easter socks, and a cute purse. To top it off, I loved when my older sisters did my hair because it included front bangs and my edges were freshly laid with brown gel. 😂😂
  6. Once at church, there was Sunday school, the regular morning service, and then festivities after church.
  7. We usually went home to eat a nicely prepared Sunday lunch and then came back to church at 3 or 330 for the Easter program. The most important thing was you could not get anything on your clothes all day, you needed to stay clean. 🧐

Sigh, those were the days!

What is your favorite Easter memory?