Do it Scared

I was sharing this story with a friend on last week and they thought it may be helpful to share on my blog, so here it is!

One thing I realize is that God will only call you to do things and use what is readily available to you. When I think about the story of David and Goliath, David used what was in his hands – a slingshot. Clearly it was more than enough for him to defeat the giant in his life. (1 Samuel 17)

But, even when we do know God has given us everything we need, we can sometimes allow fear to grip us or should I say – I can let fear grip me or at least try.

Storytime: On Thursday, of last week I am excited to share I am hosting my second Self-Publishing Workshop(Link is also in my bio).

After I pressed submit to share the event on social media, the thoughts of self-doubt immediately flooded my mind such as:

  • If you hurry and delete the event know one will remember you posted it.
  • You won’t have to be uncomfortable and worry if people will sign up if you delete it.
  • What will happen if no one signs up?

In those moments, I decided I could sit and waddle in the lies of the enemy that haven’t happened or I could remember, it’s okay to do things scared and trust God. So instead of waddling in self-doubt, I shared the post even more in different communities and even purchased an ad for it. Since I did my part – even a little scared, now I have to trust God to do the things only he could do! Remember, it is okay to do it scared, but like Nike says, Just do it!