Be the Standard

I had the privilege of going to Bucee’s over the weekend. When I’m driving in Texas on a road trip it is customary to only go to Bucee’s. I know if I go to Bucee’s they set the new standard I expect for gas stations – although Bucee’s offers so much more than just gas.

When I go to Bucee’s I expect clean bathrooms, fresh Turkey jerky, fresh bbq, a ton of snack options and lots of other amenities. Prior to Bucees in Texas, there were no standards for gas stations. Since Bucee’s is here, they are the standard. The interesting thing is besides the beaver being their store mascot, Bucees didn’t go create a new thing – however, they did create a new standard – cleanliness!

As an author, blogger, content creator, writing Coach and so much more – a lot of time we are looking for ways to stand out from the masses. I’m sure many of you can relate. The reality is – we are the reason we stand out! Our vibe attracts our tribe and we create the standard for our industry.

As I continue to grow I know I will have more clients; therefore, I want to set my standard. I always want to serve people well, operate with excellence, integrity and honesty. My goal is to help other people grow by sharing what I know and to never exploit others for money. I’m sure there are other things, I’ll add to my list, but as I blog, write and or journal – my thoughts I share are my standard!

What’s your standard?