Yassssssss Girl You Cute!!!

My friend Brittany and I were talking this weekend, like girls do about fashion, style, etc…
I’m guilty of often standing in front of my closet and thinking I don’t have anything to wear. Or, I will feel inspired to buy pieces of clothing because while “people watching”. Yes, people watching is a verb and an activity just go with it bruh. lol

Well…like I was saying, I will see something cute on someone else and buy it for myself. Of course when I buy it and try it on, it doesn’t fit me the same way and I usually end up giving it away. Or I find something really cute and then they don’t have my size available. Like they will only have double 00 or a size 2. While, I think you are beautiful for whatever size you are, I haven’t been a size 2 since birth. I’m pretty sure I went from size 2 at birth to double digits, like immediately. lol

I enjoy thrifting and finding a great sale

I like to try and be cute and comfy. So, I thought I would try something new to wear to church and I put it on and was like Yassssssss girl you cute! Sometimes you have to be your own hype wo(man).

So check me out…

Blazer – purchased at Goodwill – $2
Tank/Belt – Forever 21 – $4.00 Skirt – Groupon – $4.99

Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.
Proverbs 31:25

P.S. Belt – fashion secret, I love to wear belts backwards

P.S.S. This blog was inspired by a recent conversation I had with my friend Brittany a fashionista. She’s always trendy and cute.

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