What do you say?

Sometimes I sit down and wonder did God call me to do this or that?

Am I able to accomplish it?

Can I do it?

Do y’all deal with self-doubt too or is it just me?

I heard this recently in a sermon and it made sense.

Everything begins with a thought. You can choose to entertain that thought or replace it with the truth of God.

For example, I’m sitting in a conference room moving a vase and didn’t want to drop it so l pushed it down the table. As I pushed it down the table I said,” I am clumsy and then l knocked over a glass of water.” While it felt like that statement validated what happened, l reminded me there is power in my words. So, at that moment l immediately stated I spilled the water, but I’m not clumsy.

I know this may sound small, but small habits are changed when you recognize them and take steps to change them.

Now I practice evaluating my thoughts and replacing them with the words of God. Even if I have to repeat the same scripture over and over until I believe it and it becomes a part of my psyche.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Proverbs 18:21