Week 2 of 8

2%. It is such a small amount of the your day when you consider it in context. Right? Wrong! Lol. 30 minutes a day takes sacrificing, planning and dedication.

Like some of you all reading this,  my days can be hectic with work,  meetings, hanging with friends and spending time to tailor my own craft.  Yikes!!! This challenge has made me prioritize my tasks for the day and become more strategic with my workout planning. Finally,  my strategic management class is paying off. Lol. I now have a pair of workout clothes in my car at all times in case I go to the gym on lunch,  a break or meet up with a friend after work to walk,  jog or run a trail.

My friends make this challenge worthwhile because they are sure to like a workout post, share funny stories and struggles that we may encounter. The ideal goal of this challenge is to promote an overall healthy lifestyle, which includes eating habits as well. Healthy food options are still a work in progress, I’m some where in between I welcome the ideal of being a vegetarian, but I love chicken and a nice steak.  See my dilemma?  That’s another blog for another day. Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Tish the Sis says:

    I agree that the struggle to become healthier is REAL! I am somewhere on that Vegan vs Smashburger spectrum too. Ha! Happy blogging…
    Tish the Sis

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