My friend was teaching me words and phrases in French such as my name is and how are you.

I would tell y’all how to say it, but you can ask Siri or Google – I’m still working on my pronunciation. ?

I remember asking them a question, in which they replied in French saying I’ll do it later. So I asked, how do you say now or immediately and they explained certain words don’t translate from English to French. Based on their culture they are never in a rush, they take their time to relax and enjoy moments.  They also explained rushing and doing things in a hurry is a concept learned in America. I was taken back by this, but I started to ponder about this because a Bible study I attended a few days earlier – spoke about the art of rest and additionally my pastor recently completed a series about rest. #mindblown

Isn’t it interesting that Jesus never hurried to get anywhere, he always took his time?

When he heard Lazarus was dying – he delayed a few days and took his time making it back to his friends. 

Or when the storm was happening on the boat, Jesus was unbothered and was asleep. Listen, that’s the kind of peace I want to have – where you can rest in the middle of the storm.

As my vacation ends, I’m going to continue to operate from a place of rest – not striving, not over hurrying, but resting! I hope you guys can feel how restful my vacation was through this photo.

Question of the week: How can you un-hurry this week and slow down?