They Don’t Make Stuff Like They Used To…

My mom has pots, skillets, and pans that are older than me, heck they are probably about 40 years old or older.I have a set of pots and pans which is 5 to 10 years old, and it’s already falling apart.

Correction, one is broke!

Storytime: I was washing dishes a few weeks ago, and as I picked up my favorite skillet, the handle broke. I stood in my kitchen for a few minutes in disbelief trying to process what in the heck happened to my skillet. I had so many questions, such as:

1. I’m trying to be a great steward of my resources; why do I have to buy more skillets?

2. Is there any way I can “borrow” a skillet from my mom for a long time (meaning at least a year or two). Lol. Clearly, they don’t make things with the same quality they used to.

3. Why is my skillet broken anyway? Ain’t nobody got time for this. Lol.

4. How am I going to meal prep?  While I’m pondering these questions, I decided to go ahead and replace my cookware. I recently replaced and upgraded my pots and skillets. Let me tell y’all, it was worth every penny; it took my food prepping skills from basic to excellent! #wonthedoit

New motto: When something breaks, replace it and upgrade it! Everyone needs an upgrade every now and then!

P.S. If you read my holiday blog last year you will know I had to run to the store on Thanksgiving to purchase milk. Thankfully, I have all my ingredients this year, but I forgot to purchase aluminum foil. I can’t make this stuff up, I’m still a rookie, which is why I’m not hosting.

P.S.S. Thank you 7-11 for always being open and saving the day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

1 Chronicles 16:34: “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”