Staying Productive

During these unstable times, it is so easy to wallow into thinking about the “what -ifs”. The truth is we have no control over what will happen today or tomorrow with anything, so I choose to focus on the things I can control – my faith in God, my attitude and my productivity.

We all have things that we said we always wanted to do, but couldn’t do because we don’t have enough time. Welp, for once time is on our side and even if you feel like whatever you created isn’t great, you have time to try again to produce something excellent.

Storytime: I woke up on Saturday and said I wanted to run a mile and I told myself if I ran a mile, I could do two miles. (Side note: I’ve run a mile before but always stopped after the one-mile mark.)

So, on Saturday I started running my mile, finished it, kept running, hit mile 2 and after that ran until I hit 3.22 miles (a little over a 5k). I reminded myself while I was running you have time to finish this run, you have no plans today (quarantine woes), but to finish this run. I reminded myself that even if takes all day, to finish this run you will finish. Y’all, I felt so accomplished afterward! I motivated myself during the run, had a banging 5k playlist I put together and had a small celebration party for myself after I finished. During this time, I’m choosing to focus on completing things I’ve always wanted to do.

QOTD: How have you spent your additional free time due to Rona?

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13 NKJV