She can Walk that Walk

Listen she can walk that walk!

2021 was a whirlwind! Some days I felt like I was literally hit by a bus. 😩 But the next day…I bounced back! I’ll give you my top 11 things from 2021.

  • My relationship with God has grown. Y’all he loves me and he be talking to me because I talk to him.
  • I traveled every month of the year – which I absolutely loved!
  • I caught Rona 😩, but I’m grateful I didn’t have any severe symptoms. I was basically asymptomatic. 🙌🏽
  • I received a new position at work.
  • I learned not to be so hard on myself, particularly about my weight. I look amazing!!!
  • I had my first self Publishing event!
  • I have my first client to help with self Publishing!
  • My friends and I had a dope photoshoot.
  • I have accountability partners in so many areas of my life. S/o to my friends from DTA!
  • I joined a new church! @social_dallas
  •  I colead a connect group at church.

Wow, so much more happened this year, but I couldn’t  have done none of it without the grace of God on my life. I’m excited about 2022 and I’m expecting amazing things.

Share one of your favorite memories from 2021!