Reducing Work Stress

I received this as a topic request and I think it is a topic that is relevant in society.

Stress is one of those “things” that is inevitable. Although, stress will happen we can find ways to manage it, without allowing it to manage us.

Storytime: I had a prior job working in management, that was highly stressful. I would cringe sometimes when I opened my e-mails in fear of what error I would have to fix, or coaching opportunity I needed to have with an employee. At that time, I had no idea how to embrace what was going on in my work environment and I didn’t utilize it as an opportunity for growth and development, so I left the position. ✌?

Sidenote: From the story above I didn’t quit my job, I found another position within the company.

As much as I would love to say the key to reducing stress is to quit our job. For many of us, including me it isn’t feasible. Quitting a job for some may reduce stress, but for me it would cause even more stress with the burden of thinking about bills, shelter and food. Basic things needed for survival. Ever heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Lol. Therefore, I’ll pass on option A, because it isn’t an option for me bruh. ??

Good Ol Maslow


Fast forward a few years later and hopefully I’m a tad bit wiser, there are a few things I would do differently if I’m put in that situation now. I will share some practical tips that I use to help reduce stress at work.

How to Reduce Stress at Work

1. Seek advice from a mentor within the organization and one outside of your organization. A mentor may have already been through what we are going through and can provide some encouraging words of wisdom.

2. Look for solutions instead of focusing on the problems. While working in corporate America it is easy for us to identify problems, however we may have the answer to a solution to eliminate a problem or lower stress.

3. Take breaks. Whenever it is busy at work, I often skip lunch or break and eat at my desk. However, on my stressful days, I will take a 15 or 20 minute lunch just to relax. Sometimes it helps to remove yourself from that environment and take a quick walk or rest your eyes by not looking at the computer screen.
Sidenote: my computer is on its last leg anyway ??‍♂️

A break is a great way to press reset on the day.

4. Listen to positive or calming music on the way to work or even while you are working if you can.?

5. Work out. Exercising helps release stress and tension after a long day.??‍♀️

6. Read Devotions. I start everyday with a devotion. There are tons of free sites for devotions. ?

7. Take a vacation if possible. Im the queen of work hard, but play even harder. Even if you have limited vacation time, take an extended weekend by taking off on a Monday or Friday. One extra day helps. The work is going to be there when you get there tomorrow, so enjoy your time off.?

8. Yell or scream. I like to do silent screams at my desk, it looks like I’m stretching, but lowkey I’m yelling. ??

9. Talk to your management department if possible and bring suggestions that can help in your current role.

10. Go to bed. A well rested brain helps. Remember on standardized test days they would say go to bed early, well that’s still applicable today. On days you expect to be longer in the office, get a good night’s rest. ?

11. If the job is really stressful, start applying for other positions within or outside of your company. We spend way too much time at work not to be happy and once you realize life is extremely short, find as many ways as possible to enjoy it. So, come up with a plan to make an exit, I didn’t say just exit. Lol

Im interested to hear how do you reduce stress at work? Or in life in general? I love reading your comments!

Scripture of the Day: Col 3:23