Pay It Forward

When I was in college I struggled financially.
However, I applied for scholarships. I also worked three jobs sometimes to ensure I had basic necessities to finish school.


I remember my senior year in undergrad, my friend and I received a scholarship from the same donor. We were ecstatic!!! That scholarship helped me tremendously that year. I was able to focus more on my school studies and finish the school year strong.
Because of that scholarship, I was able to go back the following year after graduation and speak at the awards ceremony. As an alum. I thanked my donor and encouraged other alums to give back and invest in others and their school.

Fast forward nine years post undergrad, I still remember the feeling of how excited I was from receiving that scholarship and I am always looking for ways to plant a seed to help someone else.


One of my goals is to open up a yearly renewing scholarship for a graduating senior from my elementary school to help them pay for college.

Learning of Speaker Robert Smith’s commitment to pay off Morehouse 2019 graduating class loan debt of 40 million dollars was a blessing. He changed the trajectory of the graduating class life by giving them a chance to start at life with little to no debt.

So when I heard about this I was pumped and energized, but reality kicked and I was reminded my pockets dont run deep like Mr. Smith pockets “yet”.

In the meantime, I wanted to come up with a list of things we can do to help others.

Action Items

1. Pay for someone’s groceries.
2. Help a student fill out a fafsa application.
3. Tutor someone in a subject within your expertise.
4. Cook a meal for someone.
5. Volunteer at a local school or in the community.

Question of the Day:

Find something to do or give to others. How do you help others in the community?

Scripture of the Day:

2 Corinthians 9:6-8