Normalize Praying

I grew up in a home where prayer was the norm. My mom had scriptures posted throughout the house and she woke us up early (like 5 am) every morning to pray before school – although my sisters and I fell asleep during prayer, we still heard the prayers. So prayer became the norm for me.

We prayed before meals and had to quote scriptures as well before we could eat. So guess what – prayer became normal for me.

We prayed at church, at home, before we left the house, and sometimes while we were out; therefore, prayer became the norm for me to do.

What is Prayer?

Prayer is communication with God. If you aren’t sure how to pray, it’s okay to quote the Lord’s Prayer until you feel comfortable saying something different to God. He desires to hear from us.

I’ve posted the link to my vlog and the scripture reference for the Lord’s Prayer.


Scripture reference: Matthew 6:9-13

Be blessed! ❤️